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with your 4th month premium on us*

*T&C’s apply. Only applies to online pet policy sign ups.

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Did you know Oneplan pet clients get exclusive access and up to 25% discount on ALL products in the Onepet premium Pet Store.

This allows you to save on your monthly preventative healthcare, premium pet food (Hills, Eukanuba , Iams , Royal Canin, Acana and more)

How many Dogs would you like to insure?

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*Hospital, Classic and Super Pet Plan Policies.

Tails are wagging. Let us know what your birthday is and which province you live in.

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Now for your physical and delivery address so we can courier your Onecard to your door

We charge a once off Onecard & Administration Fee of R160 per policy.
This will be included with your first premium, and wont be charged again unless its for a lost or additional Onecard.

Time to sort out the finances and making sure your debit order is safe and secured with Debi Check.

We will require documentation to be submitted in order to process your business bank details. An e-mail will follow once you complete the online sign up, requesting the following:

  • Copy of Certified bank account details (1 month bank statement with a recent bank stamp).
  • Certified copy of applicant’s ID and other bank signatories ID copies if applicable.
  • Company registration number.
  • Letter of authority to debit account signed by applicants on a business letterhead.

Thank you for providing your banking details, Oneplan has implemented the DebiCheck approval to validate this contract. Debicheck, ensures our clients debit orders are safe, protected and permission controlled. We will send you an SMS when we process your application, please reply with number “1” to mandate the debit order against your account. The SMS is reverse billed and you will not be charged for the response.

Please confirm the cellphone number linked to your bank account

Don’t forget to get monthly savings towards your premium when you shop in the Onepet Store. Our promise is that you get 20% on Super and Classic and 15% on the Hospital Plan in the Onepet Pet Store for the first 3 months from the start of your policy. Start shopping to start saving.

After that your policy specific discount will kick in, so make sure to register on the Oneplan app and then login to the to start shopping. You use your policy number and your App password.